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Frag´ Jan Zuerst - Ask Jan First GmbH & Co. KG

Dipl.-Ing. Jan Philipp Wüsten

Serving the world with tube technology from Germany since 1993.
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All prices in this catalogue are in EUROS per piece (or per meter if wire etc.)
if not indicated otherwise and plus shipping.

Produktbild The family of vintage style electrolytics has grown: 2500uF 100V screw mount is an often needed type for use in early transistorised studio equipment.
This one is pretty compact having a 30*45 diameter * lenght can so it also replaces the older 40V version usually of same size. See all details on the electrolytics cataloguepage.
Produktbild Motor running capacitor 48uF 100V used in Klemt Echolette etc. They are almost always to be replaced but hardly found.
Now we are able to supply this one from the shelf, freshly made in Germany. See all details on the electrolytics cataloguepage.
Produktbild There have been quite a few customers asking for an Authenticap with more microfarads so we are
happy to introduce the KTL41 two section four prong twistlock Authenticap with 200+50uF at 500V in a compact
40*66 mm can. This is about the same size like the well known KTL9, just a tiny bit longer.
All details including the datasheet are found at the Authenticap-page.

Produktbild "Thick, heavy gauge" HF-Litz stranded wire up to 670*0,07 (670 single isolated strands of 0,07mm diameter) available from stock now, more details on our
Cable page.

Produktbild 13-cm /5" scopetubes for beautiful scopeclocks are finally back in stock. Both, in green and blue phosphor,
finest military surplus quality available at special prices as stock lasts. For detailed info see our

Produktbild Finally we can supply an economy line of axial audio grade film caps rated 1500V.
This is a reasonable expansion of our stock line high grade caps offering good performance at

very reasonable prices. All details here.

Produktbild And also, another shortage resolved: Finally the famous frame grid Tesla E83CC is in stock again.
Those are brand new NOS tubes, measured and protocolled from bulk pack. Former military stock.
The E83CC was Teslas Answer to the Telefunken ECC803S costingthe equivalent of a used car by now....
Both are frame grid tubes, longlife and close tolerances.
We can supply, as stock lasts:
Single tubes : EUR 52,20 / EUR 62,12
Pairs : EUR 124,00 / EUR 147,56
And Quads EUR 259,- / 308,21(net / incl. VAT )

Produktbild Beside the Tesla E83CC We can also supply a Siemens version of the E83CC.
This is a real longlife tube, not a rebranded ECC83.
Guaranteed to be Siemens Munich made they were bought, labelled and boxed by Philips as SQ - Special Quality line.
Brand new, NOS, measured and in original boxes.
We can supply, as stock lasts:
Single tubes: EUR 49,20 / EUR 58,55
Pairs: EUR 112,- / EUR 133,28
And Quads: EUR 231,- / 274,89 (net / VAT incl.)

Original Siemens ECC88/6DJ8 Munich made, NOS,NIB, former military stock.
This is an excellent Upgrade of russian or chinese ECC88/6DJ8/6N23P/6922 in plenty of audio amplifiers, preamps, CD-players aso.

Single tube EUR20,00/ EUR 23,80 (net / incl. VAT)
Measured, symmetric pair EUR 54,62 / EUR 65,- (net / incl. VAT)
Measured, symmetric Quartett EUR 116,81 / 139,- (net / incl. VAT)

Produktbild We are very happy to announce a new electrolytic:
The KON96070 is our first triple 50+50+50 uF electrolytic with 550V working / 600V surge.
And all this in a very compact can of just 35*45mm (diam * height)
This is a real troubleshooter to be used in compact amps.
You can also use it to replace three-prong twistlocks for which no proper replacement
was available - until now, for example: 30+30+30 to 60+60+60 uF at 350-550V

For product details please visit our electrolytics catalog page.

Produktbild NOS Elektrika (FTCap brand) antique film caps.
Beside those already listed ones we can now supply more types of those famous and sought-after capacitors.
Those are wonderful caps for tube circuits.

For details see our High Grade film cap page ( bottom of page)

Produktbild New HighGrade Precision film caps.
Our series of High grade film caps had started at 1000pF in the past. Now, finally, we can also supply them in smaller capacitances: 47pF to 820pF at 1000V and 2% Tolerance as Polypropylene-film caps.
Those complement the existing series so you have all caps available from 47pF to 100uF in precision Polypropylene. German made quality !!

For product details see our High Grade Capacitor page.

Produktbild Sale of electrolytics, price reduced again !!!

This is a surplus stock of new, unused FTCAp electrolytics which take up to much space in
250uF 500V FTCap, regular: 5,00/ 5,95 EUR (net/ VAT incl.) . Item: KLF25150
reduced as follows:
5 pcs EUR 11,76/14,- (net / incl VAT)
10pcs EUR 18,47/22,- (net / incl.VAT)
25pcs EUR 31,93/38,- (net / incl.VAT)
Box of 80 pcs EUR 92,44/110,- (net / incl.VAT)
This is a real FTCAp electrolytic in it´s well known quality.
For product details see electrolytic´s page.

Produktbild Sikatrops and similar PIO caps

Newly arrived is a stock of hermetically sealed, NOS german made capacitors of military quality.
In one of the most often needed rating of 50nF (.05uF) at 700V. Ideal coupling
and blocking caps both for repair and new construction.
They have been measured both for isolation and capacitance and are - flawless - !
We can supply them measured with results and also matched.
Made in the 40s and 50s by Siemens, SABA, Hydra, Frako.
Item code KORH503: 50nF 700V EUR 3,28/3,90 (net / incl.VAT)
Cost per piece for specially measured ones: 1,43/ 1,70 EUR (net / incl.VAT)
Cost for selection of pairs: 4,37/ 5,20 EUR (net / incl.VAT)
Those are wonderful coupling caps.

Triple variable caps, Item KON0089B

NOS triple air variable caps, 3*330pF, superficial corrosion due to non-perfect storage without
influence to function, turn easily and softly, 1:1, no gear. F
Price each: 8,32/ 9,90 EUR (net / incl.VAT))
Produktbild Real Western Electric NOS Electrolytics

Measured 10uF 400V original Western Electric Electrolytics, unused military stock. Item KONWE10
price each: 20,17/ 24,00 EUR (net / incl.VAT)
Produktbild Leclanché 10uF 100V Film caps
Finest Swiss quality caps. Use for cythodey bypass, filtering, crossovers aso. Plenty in stock so very special price.
Item KONLE106
Price each: 0,75/0,89 EUR (net / incl.VAT)
There is a new Authenticap available!
First multi purpose Authenticap for hybrid and transistor amps.
We developped a multi purpose type with maximum voltage and capacitance ratings.
Our KTL40 is rated 1000+1000+500+200 uF at 100V And helps you to repair US- and Japanese Audio gear.
All details on out Authenticap-Website.

For large audio amps and amateur transmitters:
RS1003, original Siemens, Military stock, best Quality,
VERY special price.: EUR 24,37/ EUR 29,- (net / incl. VAT)
Suitable ceramic sockets: EUR 7,73 / EUR 9,20 (net / incl. VAT)

Want a soda ? Looks like looking at those 2C39BA /7289.
Finest military quality, packed hermetically, mostly in sealed cans.
The 100W triode 7289/3CX100A5/ 2C39BA is used a lot in power PAs
It can also be used in powerfull audio amplifiers. Sure, a bit difficult to cool and one sees no glow but consider: A 100W Triode at this price...

NOS, NIB 7289 = 2C39BA at our special price: EUR 15,92/ EUR18,95 (net / incl. VAT)
Ask for quantity discounts.

Real NOS 1L6 for sale, Made by Sylvania, OEM by Siemens for the Swiss military,
brand new in original boxes. EUR 18,- / 21,42 each ( net/ VAT included)

UL41 found in many AC/DC receivers from Europe, like Philips Philetta, NOS from military stock, EUR 9,90,- / 11,78 each ( net/ VAT included)

New Control a magic eye tuning indicator digitally (project includes controller IC)
New board and parts, More information here:

High quality shrink sleeve and tinned copper wire to realise your point-to-point wired projects. Sold by the meter.
    EUR excl.
EUR incl.
CUSN06 tinned coppe wire, 0,6mm 0,18 0,21
CUSN12 Tinned copper wire 1,2mm, very easy to use, soft and comfortable. 0,50 0,60
SSS3 Shrinksleeve, polyolefine, ratio 1:2, diameter not-shrinked: 3mm 0,30 0,36
SSS5 Shrinksleeve, polyolefine, ratio 1:2, diameter not-shrinked: 5mm 0,33 0,39
SSS8 Shrinksleeve, polyolefine, ratio 1:2, diameter not-shrinked: 8mm 0,40 0,48
SSS10 Shrinksleeve, polyolefine, ratio 1:2, diameter not-shrinked: 10mm 0,50 0,60
SSS15 Shrinksleeve, polyolefine, ratio 1:2, diameter not-shrinked: 15mm 0,60 0,71
SSS20 Shrinksleeve, polyolefine, ratio 1:2, diameter not-shrinked: 20mm 0,80 0,95

Warehouse cleanup !!!
We have lots and lots of tube-radiochassis here, most of them from Germany and most of them from the 1950s.
It would be a real shame to trash them so they are waiting for the soldering iron.
There are plenty of useful and valuable parts on them:
- The mains transformer, most of those are tapped primary and can be used everywhere
- sockets, use the chassis for your own projects and experiments, you save a lot of hardware work. - The variable capacitor, a valuable and more-and-more hard to find part and - plenty of small parts, old style resistors, capacitors, binding posts, switches, the IF-filters etc.
Those chassis are a bargain for anybody who just started with tubes as hobby.
The price is very very special: EUR 5,- / 5,95 each ( net 7 incl. VAT)
The picture is showing examples of chassis, the actually supplied chassis may look a bit different.
Please enquire for shipping costs.

New types of interesting electrolytics made by FTCap.
Perfect bias bypasses and plate filter caps for crammed full guitar amps.

Special tube sale

All those tubes are true NOS tubes, many many of them Telefunken and all of them major brands.
Type Brand Comment                      
      1 pc net 1 pc / VAT incl.   10pcs net 10pcs VAT included   50pcs net 50pcs incl VAT   100 pcs net 100 pcs VAT incl
5678 USA   3,90 4,64   3,00 3,57   2,60 3,09   2,20 2,62
0 B 3 USA   3,20 3,81   2,50 2,98   2,00 2,38   1,50 1,79
0 D 3 RCA   4,40 5,24   4,00 4,76   3,70 4,40   3,50 4,17
1 AD 4 Telefunken   3,00 3,57   2,60 3,09   2,40 2,86   2,20 2,62
12 J 5 GT USA Military half an original US 6SN7GT, those cost real bucks against this bargain offer 4,50 5,36   4,20 5,00   4,00 4,76   2,60 3,09
12 SG 7 USA (RCA)   3,00 3,57   2,20 2,62   1,90 2,26   1,20 1,43
1S5 USA / RCA   2,00 2,38   1,60 1,90   1,30 1,55   0,99 1,18
3 D 6 USA interesting for audio 6,00 7,14   4,90 5,83   4,20 5,00   3,90 4,64
6 AH 6 WA USA   4,50 5,36   4,00 4,76   3,50 4,17   2,20 2,62
75 C 1 Philips Holland   2,23 2,65   1,50 1,79   1,00 1,19   0,55 0,65
CK 1005 USA   4,00 4,76   2,20 2,62   1,50 1,79   0,90 1,07
DF 61 Telefunken   3,00 3,57   2,50 2,98   2,20 2,62   1,80 2,14
DF 91 Telefunken   3,00 3,57   2,50 2,98   2,20 2,62   1,60 1,90
E 180 F Philips Holland interesting for audio 8,00 9,52   7,00 8,33   5,50 6,55   4,90 5,83
E 83 F Philips Holland /Siemens interesting for audio 11,00 13,09   9,50 11,31   8,60 10,23   7,00 8,33
E 92 CC Telefunken interesting for audio 4,00 4,76   3,80 4,52   3,50 4,17   3,20 3,81
EBF 21 div   5,90 7,02   5,20 6,19   4,00 4,76   3,20 3,81
EBF 80 Telefunken really interesting type 3,20 3,81   3,05 3,63   2,50 2,98   2,20 2,62
ECF 801 Siemens   3,20 3,81   3,00 3,57   2,80 3,33   2,40 2,86
ECF 802 AEG / Siemens interesting for audio 2,50 2,98   2,20 2,62   2,00 2,38   1,60 1,90
ECL 80 Telefunken interesting for audio 3,90 4,64   3,20 3,81   3,00 3,57   2,70 3,21
EF 410 Telefunken   5,50 6,55   5,00 5,95   4,40 5,24   2,90 3,45
EL 12 N RFT, Germany interesting for audio 8,50 10,12   8,00 9,52   7,00 8,33   7,00 8,33
EY 500A Ei   5,50 6,55   4,50 5,36   4,00 4,76   2,90 3,45
KF 3 Tungsram directly heated, real old vintage 8,50 10,12   7,00 8,33   6,20 7,38   5,10 6,07
PABC 80 Telefunken interesting for audio, contains one half Tele ECC83 as triode section 1,60 1,90   1,50 1,79   1,40 1,67   1,20 1,43
PC 86 Philips Holland interesting for audio 2,00 2,38   1,90 2,26   1,60 1,90   1,55 1,84
PC 88 Philips Holland interesting for audio 2,00 2,38   1,90 2,26   1,60 1,90   1,55 1,84
PCF 802 AEG / Siemens interesting for audio 2,10 2,50   2,00 2,38   1,80 2,14   1,20 1,43
PCF 803 Telefunken interesting for audio 2,10 2,50   2,00 2,38   1,80 2,14   1,20 1,43
PL 82 Telefunken interesting for audio 4,00 4,76   3,80 4,52   3,50 4,17   3,20 3,81
PY 500A Ei   3,50 4,17   3,00 3,57   2,20 2,62   1,50 1,79
QQE 03/12 Y Philips Holland nice, yet undiscovered longlife audiotube 5,50 6,55   5,00 5,95   4,60 5,47   3,90 4,64
RL12T2 Wehrmacht true Wehrmacht, potential audio type 5,00 5,95   4,20 5,00   3,90 4,64   2,90 3,45
RL2P3 Wehrmacht true Wehrmacht, potential audio type 5,00 5,95   4,20 5,00   3,90 4,64   2,90 3,45
STV 85 / 10 AEG, various 85 V voltage reference 3,90 4,64   2,00 2,38   1,80 2,14   1,00 1,19
UBL3 Siemens, Munich potentially interesting audio power tube 7,30 8,69   7,00 8,33   5,50 6,55   5,20 6,19
UCL 11 Siemens, Munich used in many old radios 13,00 15,47   11,50 13,69   9,90 11,78   8,00 9,52
VY 1 T/V/P/U   14,00 16,66   8,00 9,52   5,50 6,55   3,50 4,17

Produktbild Super special offer

We still have stock of NOS military Sylvania 6V6GTY. As stock allows we supply either the brown or black base version, this is our choice
Of course we do not mix those when sending pairs / quads :-)
Brand new ex military 6V6GT US made, wonderful tube for guitar amps.
Super special price : EUR 18,00 excl.- / EUR 21,42 incl. VAT-salestax.
Matching (With detailed protocol )
Pair: EUR 42,- / 49,98 (excl./incl. VAT )
Quad: EUR 84,- / 99,96 (excl. / incl. VAT)
Produktbild March 2012 Newly listed vintage radios
First comes - first serves :-)
Produktbild Mighty Scopeclocktube
18cm / 7" screen, blue-green phosphor, original NOS Telefunken. Fits to our scopeclock-kit.
For more info see our scopeclockpage.
Produktbild Mini-Scopetube
3cm/ 1 1/2" blue and green, Telefunken, use in Marantz tuners, for clocks, mini scopes, etc. More info on our scopeclockpage
6 G-E12A
NOS Japanese magic eye, "made of pure unobtanium"
This is a very, very rare Japanese magic eye used in the Fisher 100-R tuner, the Sansui Tube Receiver M250etc.
Screen is close to the common 6CD7 but it is - very uniquely - rectangular in shape.
Price is EUR 194,- / EUR 230,86 (incl./excl. VAT.)
Produktbild Special twistmount cap for Fisher
3*20uF US-twistmount Authenticap with POSITIVE CAN.
Don´t ask how much fun we had developping this one...
Fits directly into the Fisher 50A-Tuner and replaces the original part without
tinkering Details, prices etc. here on the Authenticap-page
Forgot to say: Sure, this is real German quality, made by FTCap in Husum, Germany.
Produktbild Snapin for Marshall
Snapin in special size/ratings for repair of Marshall JCM2000 DSL50, DSL100, TSL60 & TSL100 PSU
Details and prices see Electrolytics- catalog page.
And yes, this is an FTCap as well.
Produktbild Triple 50uF screwmount electrolytic
Triple 50uF 350/385V- electrolytic for repair of large German radio sets
brand new production, made by FTCap in Germany.
Details and prices see Electrolytics- catalog page.
Produktbild New OPT
Long time expected: a small SE OPT with about 1W power rating to be used with
- Battery tubes: replaces the OPT in almost any battery powered radio (with SE amp)
- Small power applications, if you use high efficiency speakers and like low power amps
- Headphone amps
- or as step.up interstage, ratio 30-50
Primary 8 and 10 kOhms, 15mA max, sec. 4 and 8 ohms.
German made quality.
For details and prices see our OPT page
Produktbild Microwave feedhorn sets
For licensed amateurs who follow all rules and regulations:
Set of two feedhorns with surrounding electronics, we have absolutely no data and
information about those so this is a totally experimental project. Also nice for
teachers to show students the basics of microwave radio. Order code: AF9784, Photo similar, actual products may vary very slightly.
Price for a set of two pcs: EUR 18,- / EUR 21,42 ( excl. / incl. MWSt.)
Produktbild New grill cloths for radios.
Cloth is difficult enough as collections are subject to fashion..
We found a few very nice cloths, see our
sparepartpage for details.
Produktbild AF 8499 Seven segment display
This is an intersting display using ordinary miniature light bulbs and a bundle of fibers to
display each segment with four individual dots.
Very interesting for clock builders or collectors.
Digit size: ca. 6 x 12 mm.
Operating voltage ca. 6 V DC (+5...+9 V)

This is a former military sparepart.
as surplus, usually one bulb has burnt out
It´s easy to disassemble the display but replacing the bulb is a bit of tinkering.
Hardcore-solders are free to fit super bright LED....
We always supply six pcs plus one free for spare bulbs.
Price for one sixpack: EUR 12,-/EUR14,28 (excl./incl. MWSt.)
Telefunken EL84 <> diamond bottom 
100%, also with detailed test sheets.

per piece EUR 49,- net / EUR  58,31 incl. VAT (for EU inhabitants)
per matched pair EUR 105,- net / EUR 124,95  incl. VAT (for EU inhabitants)
per matched quad EUR 215,- net / EUR 255,85 incl. VAT (for EU inhabitants)

NOS EL34 Telefunken, made in Mühlhausen, Thüringen

Those are also measured, come with detailed protocols
The Mühlhausen factory was prewar-Telefuneken, then stateowned (RFT)
and made the famous dimple-top EL34

per piece EUR 62,- net / EUR 73,78 incl. VAT (for EU inhabitants)
per matched pair EUR 126,- net / 149,94 EUR   incl. VAT (for EU inhabitants)
per matched quad EUR 262,- net / 311,78 EUR incl. VAT (for EU inhabitants)
Produktbild Newly listed old radio sets. One each only, first come - first serve :-)
High power Doorknobs rated 1,7nF to 3nF (1700pF to 3000pF) at 40kV and 50kV (!!)
Those are excellent caps for Teslacoils, marxgenerators, high current applications etc.
One customer built a teslacoil and allowed us to publish a video of his tesla coil operating. Here it is !
Those are used, tested caps from disassembled industrial applications. They are oil-resistant so no problem to use them immersed in oil.

Detaileds datasheet: If you want one, mail us and we will gladly send you one.
Special sale: Electrolytics
We have on sale some really nice electrolytics:
100uF 400V radial snap in 105°C LCC at really low prices: regular 1,20 EUR / 1,39 EUR (net/ VAT included)
20 pcs EUR 14,- / EUR 16,66 (net/VAT included)
100 pcs EUR 50,00 / EUR 59,50 (net/VAT included)
box of 200 pcs EUR 89,00 / EUR 105,91 ( net / VAT included)
Special offer: Tube boxes
We all know it: some really nice tubes are rolling around in the shack without proper packaging.
We lowered the prices for plain white tube boxes in six original sizes with inner flap to hold the tube in place.
Those are German made quality boxes.
On our already lowered prices we offer up to 35% additional discount if you buy quantities.

Geigercountertubes for radiation measurement
Due to the catastrophy in Japan demand for geigertubes has risen.
Here you find newly listed tubes, made in Germany. Those are professional tubes in various designs, very hard to find.
They offer far extended possibilities than the typical geigercounter tube. Sale as stock lasts.
We wish the Japanese people all the best and all force they need to overcome these difficult times.
Rod Burman from Valve and Tube Supply in the UK has retired in January and sold his entire inventory to us.
As re-listing takes, well, quite some time please enquire via email if you need UK valves which are not yet listed in our catalogue.
New arrival: 6B4G Sylvania Power triode, NOS, former mil. stock.
Now you can build real triode amps with real western NOS tubes at a very attractive price.
Ex mil stock, individually boxed, early 1950s production
We supply the twin plate version with two internally paralleled systems having low distortion and high linearity due to.
completely parallel plates.
Tubes are being supplied with curvetraces and detailed testsheet, also paired and as quads if wanted.
New horse in the stable: The "Roetest" from Mr.Weigl.
This is a computerised precision tube analyser and measuring system allowing many different tests, curve tracing and much more.
even THD can be calculated.
We offer this as additional service at a fixed price per tube.
New High Grade film caps in the range between 1 and 10 uF. Fine selection of ratings to cover this range.
Now all ratings between 0.001 and 100uF are being covered. Those are excellent caps for crossovers, PSU, bypassing, coupling etc.
Multi-purpose toroid trannies for tube circuits, primary 115 and 230 V, so usable worldwide.
Why wait for a custom made design if our trannies fit directly from the shelf.
Hartpapier Often sought-after: sheet-material bakelite ("Paxolin"), 3-10mm thickness. Standard and custom made cuts available.
Also in black lamination as ebonite-replacement.
The famous TFK YL1350 powerhorse. NOS, fresh in their boxes, like directly from the factory.
This is an 80W power tube with a transconductance of 22.0000 umhos... Octal base so no problem to use it.

6336 A/B USA high power triode, NOS, former mil-stock.
Real good PSU-tube, headphone, OTL or whereever you need more than a bit of current.
The Varisymbol: The Telefunken-ZM1350 planar alphanumeric Nixie, plus Smartsocket-PCB and PIC-uC
available from stock.
The ZM1350 is suitable for true-nixie alphanumeric displays, the smartsockets make life easy.
Storagetube LN5: wonderful display object. This is a former radar picture storage tube, NOS, high tech of it´s time.
Almost useless, NOS, NIB, for display or possible educational use. Datasheet
The Scopeclock-Projekt of Thiemwork:
All parts you need for your scopeclock from one supply.
RF-variable caps from 12 to 240pF at max. 1-3 kV.
The caps can be disassembled and modified pretty easily.
Here you see a PDF about cap-modding from 240pF 1kV to 50pF 4kV
boards and parts for the easy DIY tube projects of are available from stock.

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